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Background Videos Services by Smarty Web Design


video-backgroundModern websites need to be a lot more dynamic than their older counterparts ever had to be. Today, audiences enjoy dynamic videos and audios to engage with the website on a deer level. Videos have started becoming a staple part of social media engagements as well. It is therefore a cool idea to integrate background videos in your website design to help boost audience engagement on your website. However, inelegantly done up video design can ruin the total impact of your website to the point that t boosts up bounce rate instead of lead generation. What you need is a team of professionals experienced in handling video design and integrating it precisely with modern website design.

At Smarty web Design, we have you covered. We offer specialized background video design services to allow for flawless integration of your individual videos with your websites to ensure there are no repercussions such as failing load time or distracting video movement to hamper your website experience.

Why you need background videos for your website?

Background videos have a great relation with user interactions on website. There are boundless advantages of integrating a background video in to your website design:

  • Increased user engagement and adding a layer of interest for target audiences.
  • Putting forth your message through a dynamic medium instead of simple text
  • Decreasing the tie required by your audiences to absorb greater chunks of information compared to texts.

Why choose Smart Web Design for your background Video Design Services?

Smarty Web Design has a team of uniquely experienced experts who have both serious web design knowledge and video editing genius. They have the unique combination that allows them to have a better perspective of how the videos can e best integrated to give your website the maximum advantage over your completion.

  • Video compression – Video compression is essential for improving the load time for web pages on different device mediums. A compressed video allows for better streaming even under slower connections. However, it also requires added techniques to ensure that the video is still completely legible once ousted on the website.
  • Overlay design to for smoother streaming – in case, you already have a high quality video, our team can add an Overlay edit to ensure that the video is not a hindrance to your website’s load time. The streaming of videos is much smoother when the HD quality is corrected by the overlay technique. This is often used for videos where compression might lead to distortion of the video.
  • Editing size and length of video for better integration – integration of the video requires specific calibration of the size and length of the video so that it does not clash with any other design elements or video content published on the same web page. The length of the video should also not discourage your target audiences from sticking around for the imparting of the full information.
  • Editing for excessive movement correction – excessive camera movement or shaky images within the video can cause jarring distractions for your target audiences. It also takes away focus from the other elements and content on the page. We help in correcting these flaws before integrating the background video to your website.