30 May 2016

4 Crucial Things To Do To Get A Fully Responsive Website

Websites, if not responsive, tend to dismay not just the owner but the visitors as well. A successful website is one that is fully responsive. Thus, every website owner should try to make his or her website responsive to reap the most and best results.

If you are looking to make your website responsive, here are 4 things you can do:

Keep It Simple

Keeping your website simple is one of the keys for making it responsive. People tend to go for heavy designs, thinking they look good and they might look good but it is important that you keep things simple if you want some responsiveness out of your site. A simple design will go a long way. It will not only attract the users but it will also make things simple for others to view.

Prioritize The Content Differently

A responsive site usually has its content all lined out well. Moving from multiple columns to a single layout is one of the traits of a responsive site. Since different content on site will need for you to make a different layout approach, try to do things differently. For instance, try to create an article teaser. You, as a result, will be laying out the content and it will be there but not quite there yet. This is one of the most crucial tips of success when it comes to making responsive websites. The article teaser should contain some important information such as editorial image, photo of the author, the title, the author’s name and date of publication.

Keep The Navigation Simple

One of the most challenging elements of a responsive site, it is important to have scalable navigation if you are dealing with deep and large menus. A navigation that works well for bigger screens will breakdown completely if accessed on other websites. Therefore, if you are looking to design a website’s navigation, try to be as consistent as possible.

Consistency is key when it comes to navigation. Try to be as consistent as possible. Consistency runs well in everything including labels used on buttons, the links and so on. This is one of the most significant elements of a good website and a responsive site and one that must not be ignored.

Fluid Images

If you are looking to create a responsive web design, try to confine the images to a fluid grid. This can be done by putting in a simple code:

img { max-width: 100%; }

This will tell your browser that any image should be seen in a particular context.  Fluid images are one of the keys of an important website and one that must not be ignored. Keep the images small but make sure you are keeping their pixels right because nobody likes an image whose pixels are all over the place.

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