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Hosting Services by Smarty Web Design


web-hostingPicking the right hosting services is just as important as all the other attributes for a well-balanced website. Many factors depend on finding a quality hosting service:

  • The quality of the website’s SEO
  • The determination of the Website’s page rank in major search engines
  • The upload and download time on the website
  • The load time f regular pages and animations on the web pages

Without a high quality hosting service, you cannot be sure of the servers that your website will be allocated to on registration. The servers packed with multiple websites will have a lower bandwidth ratio per website making it impossible for your page speed to go up. This will affect how fast your web pages open up on individual audience devices making it a threat to your brand image.

Again, the major threat of being allocated to a server with disreputable websites is an increase in the chance of your site being blacklisted by most search engines as suspicious. Your site might also be infected with malicious malware due t inefficient security features of the core server. There is also the chance of being hacked if the server security is not up to the highest standards.

Why choose Smarty Web Design Web Hosting Services for your websites?

Smarty Web Design hosting services offer a smart option for hosting your website according to the package exclusively customized for your needs.

No more paying for extra hosting offers and features that your website might just not use yet. Instead, we help you target your budget towards essential features that will enhance the quality and security of your websites.

We offer:

Shared Hosting packages – we offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth options for all our Shared space-hosting clients. You can host unlimited domains and sub domains for your main and promotional websites. We always veto clients based on the niche f the websites and carefully monitor each of our servers for their client website activities. We guarantee risk free server space sharing with only highest quality niche websites.

Reseller Hosting Packages – We offer a dedicated WHM control panel and availability of free private nameservers for added security for your websites. We also offer a free domain reseller account for niche websites looking to set up their own reseller business on our servers. We also offer a dedicated security and consistent server upgrade guarantee for maintenance of all servers of our company.

Virtual Private Servers- if you have a growing web business that requires a larger hosting space and a dedicated bandwidth to accommodate the number of web pages and incoming web traffic on your site, you should graduate to a Virtual Private Server account with Smarty Web Design. Our expert maintenance team will keep your VPS server going strong with regular maintenance, security upgrades and troubleshooting with no waiting periods. We also offer Root access and a Free Solus Control Panel for every VPS hosting account. You can have a completely managed server account to keep up consistent uptime for your website with a fast page speed and lower bounce rate.

Dedicated Servers- For corporate websites, private business websites, or larger ecommerce websites, downtime for the servers can mean a huge loss margin. Loss of page speed in these cases can lead to actual work loss for the day for these types of websites shifting to dedicated servers is a prudent solution in this case. With Smarty Web Design, you can now have access to our dedicated servers at multiple key locations around the country. We also guarantee a 100% network uptime. We offer full security and server management via our company team of experts. You can also decide to divert the server management to your own in-house team for your dedicated servers. CPanel and WHM are included for complete client control over the servers.