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Mobile Applications Services By Smarty Web Design


mobile-appsThe world is going mobile today. With the Smartphones getting smarter with every upgrade, there is no longer need to be glued to a desktop or even lug around a laptop to stay connected anymore. Today every information and action can just as easily be conducted via a mobile device. In fact, countless surveys reveal that most customers actually prefer mobiles or tablet devices for their portability and convenience. In such a scenario, not having a mobile representation for your website might cost you a huge chunk of visitors in comparison to a niche competitor with a mobile application for their websites.

Smart Web Design – to the rescue!

We understand the need for a mobile ready website layout better than anyone else does. The experts on our designing team have been associated with web design since before mobile design became the in thing. We understand the hassles of converting your existing website to a mobile compatible platform.

The project of converting an entire site to a mobile responsive layout can take a longer time, which your web business might not afford. An easier and faster solution will be to consider launching a Mobile application jacked with information and Call to action to get a mobile sales funnel ready to start getting leads to your business through the mobile platform.

Why choose to launch a Mobile App?

People carry their mobiles most of the time and in a pinch if they can conduct a vital action on your mobile platform, they will most likely gravitate towards seeking that action from your business over your competitors. For instance, if you mobile apps loads faster and allows them to book a meal, find a cab or any other helpful action faster than your competitors, you get the maximum share of customers coming in through your mobile sale funnel.

How can Smarty Web Design help you create and launch an effective Mobile Application?

Smart Web design will take in

  • a full set of details regarding your business
  • your prerogative from an online sales funnel
  • the dynamic information repaying that is essential to your business’ changing schemes or prices that you may want your visitors to know immediately
  • the call to action for your sales leads
  • A subsequent payment solution attached to the mobile application.

We will set up an application with the following attribute:

  • Faster load time
  • Design colors and elements reflecting the brand image and existing website colors of your company
  • Compatible over multiple mobile OS
  • Information packed
  • Dynamic interaction with the visitors
  • Availability of a call to action button
  • View catalogues or menus where required
  • A payment solution for allowing the visitors to complete a sale

How do you get started with the process of getting your Mobile Application developed?

Simply place a call at our number, click on our Contact Us page, or send us an email to get the ball rolling on the process. We will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting and start a design briefing immediately. We have an edge over the completion by offering amazing rate packages and the fastest completion and launch times for perfect mobile applications and widgets.