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Modern Web Design Services By Smarty Web Design

webdesignModern world is gradually transitioning to the digital age. Every company, individual, and asset now has a representation online. However, not every web representation is as classy as the top brands in the world. It takes a certain aesthetic sense merging with the solid training in modern web design to etch out truly magnificent website designs.

At Smarty Web Design, Our team of exerts bring to the table a wide array of knowledge in different designing software and art background. They temper the knowledge with the consistent experience of sitting in on important project briefs, studying high-end website designs and the experience of designing aesthetically pleasing websites for different niche clients for many years. Our team understands that en effectively modern website will stand on the following parameters:


Modern websites have to be adaptable to many different platforms. Adaptable designs make it possible for a website layout to open up just as smoothly on any different screen size or operating system.

Aesthetic appeal

Like fashion, trends in web design tend to make a comeback. However, the one thing that stays is the need for classic lines, crisp color contrast, and clear visibility of information. It is also a trend to experiment with design elements such as widgets, opacity and various transitions to make the design more dynamic.

Easy to follow information flow

The modern websites depend on the intelligence of the design to display their main objective – imparting information to consumers. Our designers have a knack of getting with the pulse of the website’s industry to customize each design to exclusive standards.


Dynamism attracts more online visitors to any site. Adding interactive elements to a design helps the visors to bond and leave real time feedback for the website. It also makes a great way to encourage repeat traffic on to the website.

E-commerce portals

We have expertise in designing e-commerce portals for various niche startups. In this category, the designs tend to be more economical to let the products shine through the online catalog. We equip the websites with a proper cart system to allow smooth transactions on the portal. We also build in a quick view feature for getting more information on specific products at a glance. We put in a dynamic page system o allow the startups to announce any seasonal discounts or offers through the page.

Professional websites

Modern websites for the modern professional include a bold design trend to highlight the work and life experience of the individual. Many such websites include a blog feature encourage interactivity with the professional. In select cases, the design also includes professional snap shots and tasteful portraits to personalize the website design.

Corporate websites

Our designs for corporate websites usually stick with the brand colors of the company to make it more compatible with the brand image. We create a systematic flow of information on the various pages according to an intelligently layered sitemap. Our designs include options of integrating a brand mascot if the company already sorts one.

Portfolio websites

Portfolio websites are significant for many professional photographers, food artists, and designers. These websites flaunt a bold design, which thrives on displaying high definition images for showcasing the professional’s works. The design is dynamic to allow for direct interaction between the website and the visitors browsing through the works displayed on the platform.