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namingDomain names become the first identity of your website. Customers identify your brand by your primary domain name. The name also has a huge effect on the overall search engine ranking and social network optimization for your website. However, the most important aspect of a perfect domain name is to be memorable enough for your clients to access the website with just an association with the primary motive and name of your brand.

The Internet is teeming with a number of websites with a multitude of domain names. It is important to choose a name for your website that is unique and registered to your company for a specific period. You also need to trust your naming service company to give you a host of different choices that will be most appropriate unique level domains for your brand.

This is where Smarty Web Design comes to your immediate rescue. Our unique naming services are designed to cater to individual client looking for appropriate name combinations that combines, niche keywords, brand name and reveals the purpose of the site in a word or a simple phrase.

How does Smarty Web Design naming Services serve your domain name purpose?

  • Our smart name search feature allows you to simply enter a primary and few secondary keywords for your business or individual website purpose. You can also click to enable hyphens for specific name choices. Once you have put in the preferences our widget will start churning out great name choices, which are perfectly legible, unique and powerful domain choices for your website. We also show how appropriate is your chosen domain name compared to the other choices n the list.
  • We also offer expired domain names at amazing price offers to jump-start your website right from the day of your launch. These expired domain names have already built up a steady SEO position among top search engines. This gives your website a unique chance o begin with a solid optimization technique already powering your domain name before you even start on any other SEO techniques .
  • We also offer an exhaustive reverse lookup Often if your preferred domain name is already registered to another website, you can look up the owner of the name to set up contact to check whether they are willing to sell the domain name at a reasonable price. Often companies whose exact name spelling domains on a TLD extension registered to another client will go for this feature to attempt owning the exclusive naming rights for the domain.
  • Most recently, Smarty Web Design experts have also started offering unique naming service feature called the domain hacking. In this scenario, our service hacks the primary domain name in to unique combinations instead of adding on a second level domain to it. This gives clients a chance to retain unique naming rights without compromising on their primary keyword. For instance, Design can become or Jane can retain the naming rights for the unique domain

We also offer:

  • New Domains release dates information’s for soon to be available domains resembling your primary keyword preferences.
  • You can bulk search domain names on our website for multiple name choices
  • We also take up name transfer transactions for your domain names to other clients.

We offer incredible price advantage for most popular domain extensions, domain restoration, and nameserver privacy services.