Responsive Layout

Responsive Layout Services By Smarty Web Design


responsive-layoutWe at Smarty Web Design pride ourselves in being up to date with every quality standard expected of a modern website. The responsive lay outing started as soon as the potential internet visitors diversified in to approaching the web from a wide variety of devices. The effect of the different device access will manifest via a few main changes:

  • Screen size- each device ha s a different screen size and shape and your website layout has to adapt to those dimensions without compromising on readability or skewing the design elements.
  • Interactivity with the website- each device allows a different type of interactivity for visitors with the website. For instance, while on a PC the visitors will use mouse to click on a read more button, in a mobile device they will have a touch capability t touch directly on pictures or texts to know more about the information. Our designed layouts allow for these adjustments seamlessly.
  • Analytics- the way website owners will track the visitor metrics for their website will show dramatic variations according to the device used to access the site. Websites designed by the exert team at Smarty Web Design calculate for these metrics and allow for the most accurate results for every device access.
  • Color contrast – the colors used in the design will show up in varying contrast ratios depending on the type of the device. We adjust our designs to reflect on the issue and ensure uniformity over every device.
  • Load time- the load time for websites is greatly affected by the type of content and design elements used in individual ages. However, for different devices that load time has to be calibrated differently. What is a reasonable load time for the PC will not be the same for mobile devices. We design layouts and calibrate the content to overcome this issue and secure uniformity of load time over multiple devices.

Why Choose Smarty Web Design for your Responsive website design?

The team at Smarty Web Design has a vast experience handling responsive layout and design configuration for a majority of niche websites. We keep up with the current industry standards for website design at all times. We Endeavour to help our clients get maximum advantage out of their websites regardless of the size of the project. We will coordinate a project brief session with each client to understand their vision for their websites and try to integrate the same vision with our erective of industry standards and responsive configuration to get the ultimate result.

Why responsive web design is for you?

Responsive web design is essential to allow your website to adapt according to your visitors. The layout offers the three main benefits:

Increased User experience – The adaptable site design allows the visitors to interact flawlessly with the website regardless of their access devices. This leads to a better rate of conversion or sales from your lead funnels.

Cost efficient – the responsive layout allows you to have a single website design rather than spring for a different design for PC and mobile devices. This ultimately brings down the cost of designing for your budget.

SEO advantage – The responsive layout allows for a single website, which means there is no chance of duplicate content floating on multiple websites and applications associating with your web URL. You will also save time and money optimizing a single website content design to get maximum SEO advantage.